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The right choice of locking hardware, keyed to suit your requirements, is something your Amplimesh dealer can provide sound advice on.

We offer a wide choice of reliable hinged and sliding door hardware to complement our screens – some of our more popular products are shown here:


Ultimate Caretaker Amplimesh Grille lock for hinged screen doors minAustral's Ultimate lock range is one of the best security door locks on the market, with a unique hooked 'parrot beak' latch (which hooks behind a profiled strike plate), offering a superior resistance to forced entry.

The patented 'caretaker' feature allows a door to be snib locked (but not unlocked), from the outside by a caretaker key. In this way a relative or caregiver can leave the door secure from the outside, whilst the door can be easily unlocked from the inside, simply by undoing the snib leaver. Keying uses an AA 5-Pin double cylinder with a cam stop.

Austral Ultimate locks come with the same jemmy resistant strike plate as the Elegance range. 

Available in a standard black colour, or powder coated in a custom colour to match your security door.


Austral Elegance door lock for hinged security doors Amplimesh grille SupaScreen and Clearguard minAUSTRAL ELEGANCE HINGED DOOR LOCK 

Our most popular hinged door lock, the Elegance is a reliable mortise type lock with a notched latch bolt that engages a profiled strike plate aperture to provide enhanced resistance to forced entry.

The jemmy resistant strike plate is designed to deform under attack, so it remains engaged with the notched bolt even if the door is jemmied away from the door jamb.  An interior snib lever allows for quick and convenient locking from the inside without the need for a key.

Available in standard black or white finishes or powder coated in a custom colour to match your security door.



SD7 Sliding Security Screen Door lock for SupaScreen Clearguard and Amplimesh Security Grille Doors minSD7 locks are by far the most popular sliding door lock and feature a self latching lock bolt which engages automatically when the door is closed. The jemmy resistant strike plate features an anti-lift pin that engages the lock, preventing the sliding door from being lifted out of its tracks. An interior snib lever allows for quick and convenient locking from the inside without the need for a key. Keying is achieved via an AA 5-Pin double cylinder.

Available in standard black or white or powder coated in a colour to match your security door.

Note: Whitco Tasman and Leichardt Locks are also available



Elegance 3 point lock up closeAll Amplimesh Security Doors are fitted with high quality single point locks, with an option to upgrade to a triple lock system for additional security.  But what are the differences between a single and triple lock system?

Single point locks have one central lock mechanism as part of the lock hardware, which is then opened or closed with a key. Triple locks have one central lock and additional locks above and below the central lock, which both connect to an internal rod that engages the additional locks. 

Both single and triple locks have locking systems with an internal snib, which enables doors to be locked internally without using the key. Using the key engages the main deadlock on the door and with the triple locking system this engages all three locks in the centre, top and bottom in one simple process. 

Unobtrusive and completely hidden from view when the door is closed, triple locks are significantly more secure than a single point lock, due to the additional locking points at the top and bottom of the door frame.  Our Triple Point Locking Systems are manufactured to pass the current security door standard AS5041.



To prevent accidental rips and tears in your security door mesh, we recommend installing a ‘D’ plate on the inside face of the door, where the handle sits. Manufactured from strong aluminium or polycarbonate, the ‘D’ shaped push plates protect and fortify the mesh by the door handle, against rough handling or even general wear and tear.



Door closer high quality for Amplimesh screen doorsHinged door closers are particularly recommended for commercial applications, whereas sliding door closures are useful for security doors that open onto pool areas.

Made in Australia, our range of Austral hinged door closers are made of metal and therefore highly reliable, robust and well proven for their effectiveness in New Zealand climatic conditions.

Available in a choice of two colours - black or white - these door closers also offer an adjustable closing speed.

When it comes to sliding door closers, we recommend our heavy duty water closer. This sliding door closer has been widely used in Australasia for the past 10 years and is highly effective - typically a 1200mm wide sliding security screen door will close within 4-7 seconds of being opened.

Clearguard doors are unobtrusive and semi translucent

A Clearguard screen with a standard lock fitted

Clearguard door close up of key lock for great security

A close up of the standard lock on a Clearguard security screen

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