Clearguard® - Innovative, Modern Security 

Clearguard security screens are a modern innovation, designed as an alternative to the premium stainless steel security mesh screens (SupaScreen®), or the traditional aluminium diamond grille screens (Amplimesh® Grille).   

Made from a perforated, structural grade aluminium mesh, Clearguard security screens are known for their superior strength and being virtually translucent. They let the fresh air in, so you can leave doors or windows open in warm weather, whilst keeping out unwelcome visitors.

Visually Appealing

One of the greatest advantages of modern security screens like Clearguard®, is their unencumbered and semi-transparent finish. Clearguard is often chosen for these reasons, as an alternative to the traditional grille security doors which are not as view friendly.  Clearguard perforated aluminium security screen mesh up close minAnd like all Amplimesh products,  Clearguard® frames can be powder coated in the colour of your choice, to complement and blend in with your homes joinery.

See Through & Strong

Made from 1.6mm thick hardened aluminium sheets, Clearguard mesh is perforated in a specific design pattern for a virtually transparent finish, ensuring your view outside is unobstructed.

Manufactured using a unique patented pressure process, Clearguard security doors have been tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008 and can be relied on for security at your home.

High Quality

Aluminium frames, structural grade alloy mesh and high quality components used in Clearguard® doors and windows are backed up by a 7 year warranty, for extra peace of mind. 


The correct choice of locking hardware, keyed to suit your requirements, is something your Amplimesh® dealer can provide sound advice on.

Some of the more popular and reliable Clearguard hinged and sliding door hardware is shown here.  More details on lock options are available here 

AUSTRAL ELEGANCE HINGED DOOR LOCK Austral Elegance door lock for hinged security doors Amplimesh grille SupaScreen and Clearguard min

  • Reliable mortice lock
  • Most popular lock for hinged security doors
  • Lock is operated by a key or interior snib lock 
  • Jemmy resistant strike plate standard
  • Enhanced resistance to forced entry
  • Available in standard black or white
  • Option to finish in custom powder coat colour 


Ultimate Caretaker Amplimesh Grille lock for hinged screen doors minAUSTRAL ULTIMATE HINGED DOOR LOCK (WITH CARETAKER FUNCTION) 

  • Ultimate lock is one of the best on the market
  • Mortice hinged security door lock
  • Pivoting parrot beak bolt for greater resistance to forced entry
  • Caretaker function - snib lock from outside by key
  • Single point (central) lock standard
  • Three point lock mechanism upgrade available
  • Jemmy resistant strike plate  
  • Available in standard black
  • Option to finish in custom powder coat colour 


SD7 Sliding Security Screen Door lock for SupaScreen Clearguard and Amplimesh Security Grille Doors minAUSTRAL SD7 SLIDING DOOR LOCK (WITH ANTI-LIFT PIN FUNCTION)

  • Most popular sliding door lock
  • Self-latching lock bolt engages automatically when door is closed
  • Jemmy resistant strike plate
  • Anti-lift pin engages lock body, preventing sliding door lifting out of tracks
  • Key lock via AA 5 Pin double cylinder
  • Available in standard black
  • Option to finish in custom powder coat colour 


Note: Whitco Tasman and Leichardt Locks (not illustrated) also available

Clearguard Hinged Security Door translucent but super strong

Clearguard is a popular option for security screens in modern homes,
with a stylish and semi-transparent finish

Clearguard Aluminium mesh security screen is finished in a powder coat colour to match the modern homes joinery min v7

Clearguard frames have been finished in the same powder coat colour as the window joinery to blend in perfectly

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