What to look for in a Genuine Security Door


Amplimesh products are designed to provide a safe environment for the user. Often competitors claim to supply quality security doors when in reality they provide lighter door frames, shallower channels, thinner grilles or poor quality insect mesh that either doesn’t last or worse still won’t stand up to the job


Ask for:

Genuine Amplimesh SupaScreen or Clearguard Grille:  SupaScreen is premium quality woven stainless steel mesh and Clearguard mesh uses hardened perforated aluminium mesh, strong high quality mesh that is virtually see through.

Genuine Amplimesh Security Grille: At 7mm thick Amplimesh Grilles are exceedingly strong.

Strong Amplimesh Door Frames: The Amplimesh J9295 or Amplimesh J6661 Heavy Duty Door Frames are not only wider and stronger than many other frames and also feature deep receiver channels, holding the grille firmly in place. (Clearly not used in the image featured here).


High quality Amplimesh components:

  • Hinges with stainless steel pins
  • Stainless steel striker plates
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Extra heavy duty extruded corner stakes
  • Quality Fibreglass Insect mesh


Triple point locking systems: These special locks firmly anchor the hinged door at the top, centre and bottom. They are mounted inside the high strength extruded frame to help prevent corners being prised open. (As demonstrated in the image featured below)


Only Genuine Amplimesh dealers provide this level of quality and assurance that comes with a 5 year peace of mind warranty.



Shallow channels make it easy for unwanted guests to access your home. Ask for Heavy-duty Frames that feature deep receiver channels from your Amplimesh Dealer.


Single point locking is easy for uninvited guests to access your home. Prevent corners from being prised - open ask for Triple Point Locking from your Amplimesh Dealer.