Insect Screens

Venette™ Retractable Insect Screens are the next generation of screens, with modern pleated mesh to keep out the bugs The construction of the screens use only the best Japanese manufactured polyester pleated mesh material... more

Retractable Screens are a high quality insect screen solution for NZ homes Streamlined and smooth sliding, these screens fit almost any doorway or window, disappearing into the natural recesses of the frame to be... more

Hinged, Sliding or Fixed - there are so many combinations of window and door systems it takes an Aurthorised Amplimesh dealer, with their experience in selecting and recommending the right screening solution, to personally consult with... more

Amplimesh Magnetic Fly Screens are custom made to fit the majority of window applications and are a perfect solution for awning type windows. At just 12.5mm wide, our Magnetic Fly Screens are finer... more