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Breakthrough protection for your family and home:

Seen in homes throughout NZ, the Amplimesh Grille range is our most popular security door and flyscreen solution.

The Series 103 Grille is one of the original security doors in our range, providing an effective visual deterrent as well as trusted protection against uninvited guests.

Measured, made and installed by an experienced Amplimesh Dealer, Amplimesh Security doors and windows allow you to take advantage of the warm weather by opening doors to let fresh air circulate through your home, while still being secure from flies, mosquitos, bugs and most importantly, intruders.


Amplimesh Grilles provide choice:

With three residential designs and one commercial option, Amplimesh offers the widest variety of grilles on the market.

The original premium Amplimesh Series 103 Grille is still our most popular design and the number one choice of security door screen for over 1 million households throughout Australasia.

The Series 125 Amplimesh Grille is our heaviest residential protective grille with the smallest aperture and complements a more traditional home design.


Amplimesh Grilles meet the highest Standards:

Amplimesh Security hinged doors have also been subjected to a rigorous regime of impact jolts, jemmy attacks and pull testing under the standard AS5039-2008, this ensures that the structural integrity of the security door is maintained under stress.

Our Amplimesh Security Grilles have also been tested for material hardness, ensuring that the force required to sever the cords in each product of our entire range meets or exceeds the requirements of the AS5041 standard.

While we can’t guarantee protection from the most determined intruders, Amplimesh products can be trusted to make it as difficult as possible for uninvited guests to enter your home.

Quality is in the detail:

We pride ourselves on the fact that no corners are cut in the manufacture of Amplimesh Security Doors.

Made from strong heavy duty aluminium corner stakes rather than the plastic alternatives, along with stainless steel rivets instead of aluminium, our security screens promise premium quality and value. Our hinges are made with stainless steel pins rather than steel, so they won’t rust or bend over time.

Our Amplimesh Dealers also offer a choice of two quality outer door frames - our exclusive Series 6661 Door Frame or our original and still extremely popular, or the Series 9295 Door Frame. Both are heavy duty and manufactured to comply with AS/NZS Standard 1866.


Fly and Mosquito Screen – quality that you can’t see:

Most homes need to be protected from flies during the day and mosquitos in the late afternoon and early evening. This is when a quality insect mesh that won’t easily rip or tear but is still sufficiently transparent to let in plenty of light and air is important.

Our security doors and windows are made with Phiferglass™, a charcoal coloured, durable fiberglass insect mesh. Sourced from the world’s leading insect screening manufacturers, Phiferglass™ is soft to the touch but woven from permanent glass yarn and coated with a strong protective vinyl to ensure lasting colour and flexibility.

Note: All insect mesh at some point will need replacing so we offer a full remeshing service.


Pets are important members of the family but their claws can quickly ruin your new security door!

Pet owners are recommended to screen their doors with Phifer Pet-Screen for extra protection. Made of strong vinyl coated polyester, this heavy duty insect mesh offers good outdoor visibility while at the same time, providing extra resistance to the damage caused by pets’ scratching and clawing at the mesh.

For ultimate convenience, you may also want to consider installing a pet access door. Made from UV stabilized plastic with a hinged magnetic closing mechanism, our pet access doors are the ideal way to allow your pet complete freedom to move in and out of your home while your security door is in use.

Available in black or white, our pet access doors come in three sizes - small 240mm high x 190mm wide; medium 305mm high x 225mm wide; large 400mm high x 260mm wide.

Note: We recommend NOT installing Pet Access Doors on any screen doors leading to a swimming pool


For ultimate privacy choose One Way Vision Mesh:

If you prefer your privacy or like to check who is at your front door before opening it, you may want to consider our Look-Out™ One Way Vision Mesh.

Look-Out™ One Way Vision Mesh allows the person on the inside of the security door to peer out without being seen by visitors.

It also acts as an alternative to fibreglass or pet resistant insect screening and the punched rather than woven aluminium screen can be powder coated to match the joinery, or is often installed in black so as to replicate the look of a traditional screened door.


Hardware is the key:

The correct choice of locking hardware, keyed to suit your requirements, is something your Amplimesh dealer can provide sound advice on.

We offer a wide choice of reliable hinged and sliding door hardware to complement our screens – some of our more popular products are illustrated below:


Austral Ultimate Hinged Door Lock – with Caretaker Function

Only available from authorised Amplimesh Dealers, the Ultimate is the best security door lock on the market due to a unique hooked 'parrot beak' latch device. The pivoting latch bolt hooks in behind a profiled strike plate to provide enhanced resistance to forced entry.

The jemmy resistant strike plate is designed to deform under attack enabling it to remain engaged with the hooked bolt even if the door is jemmied away from the door jamb. An interior snib lever allows for quick and convenient locking from the inside without the need for a key.

The patented Caretaker one-way locking function allows a door to be snib locked from the outside, (but not unlocked) by a Caretaker key.  This enables occupants to unlock the door by simply operating the inside snibe lever (without the need for a key).  The door can then be opened by pushing down on the unlatching lever.

Available in black (as standard), locks can also be specially powder coated to match your Amplimesh Grille Door.

Austral Elegance Hinged Door Lock

Our most popular hinged door lock, the Elegance, is a reliable mortise type lock with a notched latch bolt that engages a profiled strike plate aperture to provide enhanced resistance to forced entry.

The jemmy resistant strike plate is designed to deform under attack enabling it to remain engaged with the notched bolt even if the door is jemmied away from the door jamb. An interior snib lever allows for quick and convenient locking from the inside without the need for a key.

Available in standard black or white or especially powder coated to match your Amplimesh Grille Door.

Austral SD7 Sliding Door Lock – with Anti-lift Pin Feature

Our most popular sliding door lock, the SD7, has a self latching lock bolt that engages automatically when the door is closed. The jemmy resistant strike plate features an anti-lift pin that engages the lock and prevents the sliding door from being lifted out of its tracks. An interior snib lever allows for quick and convenient locking from the inside without the need for a key. Keying is achieved via an AA 5-Pin double cylinder.

Available in standard black or white or especially powder coated to match your Amplimesh Grille Door.

Note: Whitco Tasman and Leichardt Locks are also available

Triple Point Locking Systems

A standard Amplimesh hinged grille door is installed with a single point security door lock in the middle of the door frame, either slightly above or below the existing front door handle.

To provide extra protection, these locks can be upgraded at time of manufacture and installed with an extra two remote locking tongues, one above and another below the central locking handle.

Unobtrusive and completely hidden from view when the door is closed, these additional locking mechanisms significantly increase the resistance of your hinged security door to external entry, by providing additional anchor points at the top and bottom of your door frame.

Use of these additional anchor points is the only way a hinged door can be manufactured to pass the current security door AS5039-2008 standard which we adhere to.


D-Plates provide extra protection

To prevent accidental rips and tears in your security door mesh, we recommend installing a ‘D’ plate on the inside face of the door where the handle sits. A ‘D’ plate will protect and fortify the mesh against rough handling or even general wear and tear.


Heavy Duty Door Closers

Hinged door closers are particularly recommended for commercial applications and sliding door closures are often useful where security doors open out onto pool areas.

Made in Australia, our range of Austral hinged door closers are made of metal and therefore highly reliable, robust and well proven for their effectiveness in New Zealand climatic conditions.

Available in a choice of two colours - black or white - these door closers also offer an adjustable closing speed.

When it comes to sliding door closers, we recommend our heavy duty water closer. This sliding door closer has been widely used in Australasia for the past 10 years and is highly effective - typically a 1200mm wide sliding security screen door will close within 4-7 seconds of being opened.

Amplimesh 103crop

Amplimesh® Grille 103

Amplimesh sliding security window screen is the ultimate in protection for your home

Amplimesh sliding security window screens are ideal for bedroom windows

AmplimeshHinged Security Door is a visual deterrent for potential theives

Amplimesh hinged security doors offer you peace and mind


Series 6661 Door Frame

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Amplimesh grille security screens come with high quality insect mesh as standard

Amplimesh security screens come with a high quality insect mesh as standard

Small Cat Pet Door

Small Pet Door

Large Pet Door

Large Pet Door

One way vision mesh

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Astral Ultimate Lock with caretaker function

Ultimate same as Elegance

Austral Ultimate with a Parrot Beak Lock Tongue

Elegance lock with no caretaker funtion

Austral Elegance Lock for Hinged Security Doors

SD7 with keeper 03

Austral SD7 Lock for Sliding Doors

Triple point locksmlbw2

Triple Point Lock System

D plate

Protective D Plate


Heavy Duty Door Closers